Cerberus X v2020-11-15 released

Hi folks, 

time for a new release of Cerberus X! Like always, some fixes, some new stuff, new modules, etc.  
Again, a huge thank you to all who were involved in this version. 

Attention: If everything goes as planned, the Linux version will follow in the next week. Of course, you can always build it from the Github sources yourself.

These are the notes from the change log:

FIX: [TRANSCC] With the GLFW target and MingW, you can build 32bit again. (Author: MikeHart)
FIX: [TRANSCC] Fixed copying sub directories with the INCLUDE statement. (Author: MikeHart)
FIX: [TRANSCC] Fixed TRANSCC to change canvas sizes, title, scale mode and canvas flag every time you build your app. (Author: MikeHart)
FIX: [TRANSCC] Added check for space chars in source filename to avoid weird errors regarding global vars. (Author: Phil7)
FIX: [rebuild script] Changed minimum version on OSX for building TRANS via the rebuildall script. (Author: dawlane)
FIX: [HTTPREQUEST] Fixed some flaws in the glfw target. (Author: Github user NEOJAW)
FIX: [MOJO2] fix in image.loadframes. (Author: Rich)
FIX: [DOCS] FIXED example in httprequest.cerberusdoc (Author: Holzchopf)
FIX: [MOJO/MOJO2] Fixed apps don't scale right on retina displays. (Author: Phil7)

MOD: [TRANSCC] With the GLFW target, resource files are now compiled everytime, so a change will be always taken in. (Author: MikeHart)
MOD: [MOJO/MOJO2] Font.TextHeight will return the actual height of the string now if one is given. (Author: MikeHart)
MOD: [brl.filesystem] CreateDir now creates paths automatically, that includes more than one sub directory. (Author: MikeHart)
MOD: [MOJO/MOJO2] Removed an extra call to retrieve the window size on GLFW BeginRender. Only the size of the framebuffer is relevant now. (Author: MikeHart)
MOD: [MAKEDOCS] CHANGED makedocs now resolves links for json output (Author: Holzchopf)
MOD: [IOS] Changed using a launch image to a launch screen storyboard so you get the full resolution on all IOS devices. (Author: Phil7)
MOD: [IOS] Changed minimum IOS version to 9.0. (Author: Phil7)
MOD: [DESKTOP] Updated GLFW to version 3.3.2 (Author: MikeHart)

NEW: [TRANSCC] New config setting #GLFW_COPY_LIBS_32 to copy 32bit DLLs into the GCC build. (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [TRANSCC] Added TARGETPATH option to specify more target directories. (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [TRANSCC] Added custom targets with cxbuild.txt script. (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [TARGETS] AGK Android (Google). (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [examples] mojo2/2Din3D. (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [examples] mojo2/asyncimageloading. (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [HTML5] Added mousewheel event on the html5 target - MouseZ() works now. (Author: Github user NEOJAW)
NEW: [MAKEDOCS] Added export of decls.json to makedocs. (Author: Holzchopf)
NEW: [MAKEDOCS] Added index entry decls CHANGED json builder now transforms markdown (Author: Holzchopf)
NEW: [MOJO] Added DrawTextBox:Void( textLines:String[],x:Float,y:Float,width:Float,height:Float,xhandle:Float=0.0,yhandle:Float=0.0 ) (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [MOJO2] Added DrawList.DrawTextBox:Void( textLines:String[],x:Float,y:Float,width:Float,height:Float,xhandle:Float=0.0,yhandle:Float=0.0 ) (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [MOJO/MOJO2] Added #GLFW_HIGH_DPI_ENABLED=1 constant, so GLFW apps can use the full high DPI resolution. (Author: Phil7)
NEW: [Modules] Added the new brl.timer module. (Author: MikeHart)

Have fun! IF you find bugs, please let us know in the forum.



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