Cerberus X v2020-12-05 released

Hi folks, 

due to a retina bug in CX, especially using mojo2, here is a quick update for you guys.

These are the notes from the change log:

FIX: [MOJO/MOJO2] Another try at fixing apps that don't scale right on retina displays. (Author: Phil7)
FIX: [HTTPREQUEST] Fixed compiling error on Linux about missing curl include file. (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [MOJO/MOJO2] Added DeviceWindowWidth:Int() and DeviceWindowHeight:Int() to retrieve to retrieve the size of a windows in desktop unit sizes. (Author: Phil7)
NEW: [MOJO/MOJO2] Added DrawImageRect:Void( image:Image,tx:Float,ty:Float,sourceX:Int,sourceY:Int,sourceWidth:Int,sourceHeight:Int,rz:Float=0,sx:Float=1,sy:Float=1 ) (Author: Martin)

Have fun! If you find bugs, please let us know in the forum.

Cheers Michael


Cerberus-v2020-12-05.zip 92 MB
Dec 05, 2020
cerberus-v2020-12-05.pkg 102 MB
Dec 05, 2020
Cerberus-v2020-12.05.tar.gz 112 MB
Dec 05, 2020

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