Cerberus Version 2018-03-02 released

Hi folks,

a new version of Cerberus X is available for you.

 Currently available only for Windows and OSX .  Linux will be available once I find someone who can build it.

Update 2018-03-06: Please redownload the OSX version as its Xcode AND IOS template was imcomplete.

These are the changes:

***** v2018-03-02 *****

FIX: [WINPHONE8] Fixed target template. (Author: Muruba)
FIX: [TED] Fixed last selected target. (Author: Pixelpaladin)
FIX: [TED] Huge additions to TED (themes, bookmarks, etc.)
FIX: [EXAMPLES] Fixed missing class prefix for fontmachine implementation in the matchup example.
FIX: [Language] DebugLog/DebugStop won't effect release builds anymore. They hit dummy functions now.
FIX: [HTML5] DebugLog will output to the game console now.
FIX: [DESKTOP] MOJO_AUTO_SUSPEND_ENABLED=False will be recognized when the window loses its focus.
FIX: [DESKTOP] Updated stb_image.h file in GLFW template because big images didn't load.
FIX: [MOJO] Fixed TextWidth() reporting the wrong length.
MOD: [MOJO/MOJO2] Changed X/Y parameter of DrawText to INT so it doesn't draw blurry fonts anymore.
FIX: [MAKEDOCS] Fixed Makedocs to allow module documentation starting within a module. (Author: Holzchopf)
NEW: [MAKEDOCS] Added image links to Makedocs.
NEW: [TRANS] Added character literals to the language. (Author: Pixelpaladin)
NEW: [brl.asyncevents] Added AsyncActive:Bool(). (Author: Soap)
NEW: [brl.pool] added IOnPoolAllocate and IOnPoolFree interfaces. (Author: Pixelpaladin)
NEW: [MOJO2] Additional blend modes, DrawList.DrawPrimitives and DrawList.DrawIndexedPrimitives can use vertex colors now (Author: Holzchopf)

Have fun

Michael Hartlef


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Mar 02, 2018

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