Cerberus X v2018-04-21 released

Hi folks,

here is another release for you guys. The biggest addition is the AppGameKit Desktop Windows target. But here is the list of all changes:

MOD: [brl.json] Enhanced the json module and its documentation (Author: Holzchopf)
MOD: [CSERVER] Updated cserver to 18.03.05, its faster now and fixed a font issue (Author: Holzchopf)
FIX: [TRANSCC] Readded missing build files for linux.
FIX: [FLASH] added the missing 5th parameter of 2 mouseevent calls inside the flashgames.as native file.
FIX: [TED] Readded Fix for last selected target by PixelPaladin. It was MIA for some unknown reason.
FIX: [TED] Performance issue with big files.
FIX: [TED] Fix for C++ 7.3.1 in mainwindow.cpp (Author: linuxfranz)
NEW: [TED] Added highlighting word under caret.
NEW: [TED] Added highlighting matching brackets.
NEW: [TED] Background color works now in all themes.
NEW: [TED] Added highlighting and autocapitalization of the complete API.
NEW: [TED] Double clicking on an image file in the project browser will preview the file externally.
MOD: [TED] F1 displays now a short help text in the statusbar at first before with a second press, open the help

Again, no OSX And Linux release cause I am lacking currently the hardware to do so. but as before, just download the last release of these platforms, add the current Github sources and rebuild it yourself.


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