Neon Command 2 is a retro style, physics based, arcade shooter where you have to defend your cities against enemy bombs that drop down from the sky. Fire your rockets and blast them into pieces. How long will you be able to survive?

Try to hold on as long as you can. Every 10.000 points more bombs will drop down from the sky. And every 30.000 points a bonus item will give you extra fire power. IF you manage to hit it!

Neon Command 2 is a quick game. If you loved playing arcade games, then you should try this game. Its use of physics is seen the first time on mobile devices. It's perfect for the coffee break, your waiting time at the bus stop or if you just need to blast something up!

High-Scores are saved locally.

User reviews:

**** Arcade like fun Neon command has all the fun of great older arcade games with nice adaptation for touch input. If you spent hours playing Missile Command, you will really enjoy this game.

**** Recommended!!! nice game very funny! old school graphics and sound!!! beautiful! fun! Recommended!

**** It's different. Don't fire without thinking, but plan your moves. Fascinating game play!

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